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Time for a Mid-Year Review

Time for a Mid-Year Review

July 16, 2020

Now that tax season is over it might be time for you to have a financial review. It is important to review your accounts periodically to make sure you are still on track towards your goals.

Take a moment to think about any changes in your life that may have occurred recently. Examples of events that may warrant a review of your portfolio include: change in employment status, graduations, change in family size, or a major purchase such as a new home.

A financial check-up is simply an opportunity for us to review your portfolio in light of your current financial needs. If your circumstances have changed, we can meet and re-map your investment strategy and make appropriate adjustments to your allocation of assets to help keep you on the road to your financial destination. Perhaps nothing has changed – and that’s all right – we can still review ways to maintain or strengthen your plan.

Remember, effective investing requires discipline and commitment. I look forward to meeting with you again soon! You can simply call our office at 440-891-1200 to schedule an appointment.